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The rating:
'his staff was rude, I waited over four hours past my appointment time to see him, he only spent 25 minin with me, charged $500.00 he over rates his ability to diagnose. he only seems to want to inject you "with his technoligy" to make money'
Rudeness is not tolerated. A patient visit - including the completion of clinical reporting forms, visit with the nurse practitioner, discussion of the patient between Dr. Filler and the NP, Dr. Filler reviewing numerous medical images reports and letters a complex patient brings in, the physical exam, discussions with the patient about the findings and plan, then generating complex three and four page detailed reports of the findings and plan can take over 3 hours for a single patient! That is true. Our standard is to spend as much time as needed to solve the problems for each patient. Using a watch to measure the minutes when Dr. Filler is in the exam room only captures about a third of the time that patient's visit consumes.

It is fun to attack Dr. Filler for inventing new technology. However, Dr. Filler's MRN and DTI inventions from his patent US 5,560,360 have been the subject of more than 6,000 published papers from tens of thousands of doctors and medical scientists around the world. He is the section editor for the major neurosurgery textbook and has helped trains hundreds of other leading specialist doctors. The inventions have helped millions of patients get relief from pain or accomplish life saving treatments. So when this person makes it sounds like some ripoff bogus gadget to steal money - you can begin to get the idea that this person probably just doesn't want to pay his bill.