Rating Feedback for Dr. Filler (1139045)

The rating:
'Saw this guy as I was desperate. This guy tells me I need an Injection followed by an MR Neurography scan. I ask the staff about insurance and they pretty much tried to rip me off by telling me it is covered by insurance and sending me around in circles. Once I found out insurance doesn't cover anything I dropped this quake.'
Although I'm the inventor of MR Neurography - it is now offered throughtout the world and there are vigorous programs at UCSF, Johns Hopkins and UCLA - granted they are all patent infringers - but that does not mean that MR Neurography is no good or that it's inventor is a "quake." Insurance does pay for most neurography scans - although it depends on the insurer. Yes they call it experimental, but the neural tract (DTI and MRN) studies based on Dr. Filler's invention in US patent 5,560,360 have been the subject of more than 6,000 published peer reviewed scientific publications. The first definitive formal studies were published in 1996 - more than 14 year ago - so the only reason this is considered experimental for payment is that this patient has an insurance plan that is underfunded and can't actually pay for needed patient services - but is only able to collect premiums. This person should direct their anger at the insurance company via the insurance commissioner. It is true that getting payment is an adversarial process that takes appeals and patience. That is annoying and frustrating but this is an issue with the insurance company the patient has chosen to buy from and is not a problem with the doctor or the technology.