Rating Feedback for Dr. Filler (526510)

The rating:
'I flew to CA to see this guy after reading his book. I talked with other patients and he diagnosed everyone with same condition. He sent me to an imaging place he owns(cost me $130 for taxi) and gave me an injection. Was told my insurance would cover at least 60% of cost. I currently owe them over $14,150 for an MRI and an injection. My insurance won't pay because they call it experimental. His charges are exhorbidant.'
The charges are standard for these types of procedures. Most insurance companies do pay for these services because they are highly effective and because the rates are usual. However, many insurance companies refuse payment whenever they can. Aetna has asserted that all MRI scans are experimental because there never was a large scale formal trial in which thousands of people were treated without diagnostic imaging and compared to those treated with diagnostic imaging. However, given reasonable information on why a study was done, what the findings were, and how the result led to an excellent outcome - payment usually follows. It is frustrating for everyone that this is an adversarial process. However, Dr. Filler's office is very effective in helping with appeals, speaking with physician reviewers, etc. Some patients have very inexpensive plans that have draconian requirements to obtain reimbursement.

However, since Dr. Filler works from published peer-reviewed large scale formal outcome trials showing excellent results with these new imaging methods and treatment methods, most insurers will reverse an initial dial. Often a patient does not get adequate reimbursement because they don't have a routine condition and they can't understand how to appeal or feel it is hopeless to do so. If you are paying for your health insurance you have good reason to expect decent coverage from your insurance carriers. They can't expect you to pay your insurance premiums and then suffer in pain without diagnosis or treatment because they are a business and want to hold onto their money.

As an additional note - Dr. Filler does not own the taxi and does not own the imaging place. He invented the nerve scan technology that is now being deployed around the world - although often by means of patent infringement. It would be more convenient if Dr. Filler would spend $1.5 million to buy a high field scanner for the office - that is in the works.