Rating Feedback for Dr. Filler (1175700)

The rating:
'I do have to say I am still shaking form my exprience, I had to wait over an hour and half to see him, everyone juyt walking around and smiling at me, with no patiant. finally after 2 hours seeing him, he didnt tell me anything I didnt know, asking me to do a $4000 speicial MRI beofore he can say anything, you charge $500 for a consultation you better give someone some info. then I was led into a room that had to sit down and wait again, and wait for someone to close me, totaly sounds like a used car lot, all and all there was 10 people walking around and there was only 2 paitiant, including me, my exprience was horrible, save your $ and go some place else, I have no problem giving my name to anyone interested, STAY AWAY!!!'
This patient is stating that a two hour visit with Dr. Filler did not provide enough information. Of course the next patient's visit was pushed back as Dr. Filler tried to provide information to this person past the scheduled one hour visit time. These are complaints about having to go into an exam room. The patient wants to know what is wrong without any imaging tests being performed. The MRI is charged at standard MRI rates. Only a free MRI done at the doctor's office during the visit would appear to meet the concerns stated.

Every patient merits excellent attention, patience and empathy. The best and most reliable appropriate tests should be done. Dr. Filler generally sees patients with unusual conditions that many other doctors have failed to successfully treat or diagnose. It is understandable to believe that after finally arriving at the office, the patient will be instantly cured. However, careful physical exam and history taking, specialized tests for the unusual conditions and world class treatment with well documented excellent outcomes are all that can be offered. It is true that no doctor can cure 100% of patients - and do so without any tests or without any medical bills. Hopefully, this person was able to find success elsewhere.

Patients wishing additional information about our practice should visit www.nervemed.com and can get additional info about Dr. Filler at: http://www.google.com/profiles/AaronFiller