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'I cannot comment on the Dr. yet but the nurse from the phone sure is a very uncaring, rude and condesending person. If she doesn't like her job then maybe she should try something else. I called there after waiting 8 months just to see where things stood regarding appt. ect. She rudely informed me that my referal was sent back to my Family Dr. 6 months previous because I had a Dr. already. The reason for the referal was because I moved and am 9 hours away from original Dr. and he would like me to see someone closer; and gave me Dr. Gurrs' name. I tried to explain this to her but she was snippy like a mother bear protecting her cub. I will try somewhere else.'
This rating was in place last March! Who moved it up?
This site is for Doctor rating not nurses!
Doctors are affected, by their staff performance, but this Doctor is Gold... If he hasn't operated on you, you are the loser!!1

Exactly! Thank you! I am

Exactly! Thank you! I am losing out from seeing him; suffering many extra months when there was a miscommunication problem. Once my specialist spoke directly Dr. to Dr. things were set up and quickly.

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