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The rating:
'All i have to say is what a ****! I have been dealing with woman for too long now. So hard to find another gyno taking new patients. I can't take it anymore. She doesn't listen and very quick to dismiss you and suggest useless treatments that scar you and don't work. She has way too much attitude, poor bedside manner. If your patient is emotional and going through something, your supossed to be helpful and sympathetic..don't act annoyed, roll your eyes and walk away..and then dismiss you 1 min later. What a terrible person. I have had to do my own research and solve my own problem with no thanks to her. Just becasue you have an MD doesn't give you a reason to treat people like idiots. It's called compassion..how about trying it. What a horrible person...that's the last straw. The only good thing i can say about her is that she's on time..but that's it...my suggestion is to find a new doctor. She very careless, I had 2 procedures with her and she did a half assed job both times!!!'
I know what you are sayinG I WENT THROUGH HELL WITH HER SHE REALLY DID A NUMBER ON ME....I would love to hear more...I was thinking of suining this women..