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'She used to be a good doctor, but now she is just a glory seeking, unprofessional, ignorant tool. She overbooks ALL THE TIME, so you wait on average 1-3 hours even with an appointment! When you finally do get in to see her, she rushes you in and out so she can get to the next overbooked patient! She never listens and everything is her way or the highway. So I took the highway! She also likes to make assumptions and accusations based on nothing. Even though I am now without a family doctor, I was never more happy than to walk out this one's door! Good riddens!'
I have never seen the 'used to be' Doctor. Ever since our family started going to her, she has been off the wall and unprofessional. I no longer have a family doctor either but am now much more confident about my health and the care I will get.

LOL! "Off the wall" is just

"Off the wall" is just about the right choice of words for her. Totally off the wall!

I agree. She is a straight up

I agree. She is a straight up lunatic. Her medical license should be revoked!

How many oxy's are you

How many oxy's are you ingesting every day?

She obviously cut you off

She obviously cut you off from you Oxy and phentanol, you ignorant joke.

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