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'Dr.Turner made the pocket for my implants too big (this has been confirmed by 3 other surgeons) resulting in the implants to drop. Within months the implants had slid halfway down my chest & my nipples stuck out of the top of my bra. Dr.Turner told me it was normal, took no responsibility for his error & blamed it on "my tissues". My 2nd surgery he attempted to make a "wall" for the implant to rest on -the implants dropped within a week. Dr.Turner denied that he had done anything wrong & told me I had no option but to take the implants out or â??live with itâ??. He botched my 3rd surgery to remove the implants leaving me w/ gaping scars & a hematoma. His lack of remorse was shocking. My 2 sisters had this procedure done by another surgeon in the city with no complications. I am left scarred physically, emotionally, and financially. Dr.Turner is not careful or precise. He is anything but a talented surgeon. Marla is a pushy, rude, and arrogant person. She is uneducated and money hungry.'
I am so sorry that this happened to you.Sad
I too had the same problem with this surgeon. My pockets were made too large and I bottomed out. This surgeon blamed my complication on my tissues as well. The truth is,that Dr.Turner has done this to you,myself and another friend of mine. I am responding to you,in hopes that "we" can warn other ladies to look elsewhere for a more skillful surgeon.

He did the same thing to me

He did the same thing to me and then blamed in on me! Please people be aware he only does so many because he is rushed and money hungry!!!

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