Rating Feedback for Dr. Fiala (1217985)

The rating:
'On initial contact the office staff was fine and pleasant. But after getting up at 3am to fly in for a consult, I had to wait over an hour to see the dr. This was after receiving an enormous amount of documentation indicating that you need to show up at least 5min early. Booked my surgery and I requested additional clarification which I received. But when my husband asked to speak to the dr for a bit further clarification/reassurance regarding asymmetry, he was told the dr would not call him to discuss anything and we could make another appt. We are 1200 miles away and a 5min phone call would have alleviated stress and anxiety that we would have to endure for the 3wks till my surgery. Immediately after they canceled my surgery saying the dr was no longer comfortable. Then they said we would have to wait 3 days till they could refund our $1000 deposit which they took immediately to book the surgery.'
We here at Dr. Fiala's office are truly sorry that you and your husband have expressed having a negative experience at our office. Dr. Fiala is a good and kind physician with an excellent reputation and regrets that a prospective patient would write a negative review when he makes a genuine effort to provide the best quality, customer service and patient care.

Relating to your specific concerns, there was never any intention to make you and your husband wait for an hour, but unfortunately we as a practice can not always control waiting times. We actively monitor our wait times and over the last 10 years, less than 1% of our patients have had to wait longer than 15-20 minutes.

As for the other concern expressed, regarding a telephone conversation with Dr. Fiala, he again is never opposed to discussing questions or concerns with prospective patients. Especially with our many patients that are out of state. However, Dr. Fiala has a highly experienced and credentialed staff that he personally has trained and expects should be able to handle most of the questions and concerns patients have. In addition, due to his very busy schedule, he does not like to have patients wait and again hopes that the staff can respond in a timelier manner than he would be able to.

The last issue regarding a refund is related to our financial manager’s schedule. She is the only one authorized to perform refunds and is scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Although we can not discuss publically the specific reasons why you and your husband feel that you were made to wait three days, usually no patient has been made to wait longer than one day.

It seems that all around your expressed incident was not indicative of Dr. Fiala’s and our practice’s mission; to provide the highest level of quality and customer service possible. We again wish that the circumstances could have occurred as they usually do and that you and your husband could have shared the truly positive experience that 99% of our patients have had.

We hope that you and your husband can accept our sincerest apology and we wish you well with your endeavors.