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'This Dr. wanted to put our 4yr old son on a papoose board give him Midazolam mixed with Tylenol and laughing gas to put 4 crowns on and do 2 pulpotomy. The charge for this barbaric procedure was going to be $2,023.00. After careful research into dental procedures etc. .... we chose to NOT do this....other Countries DO NOT ALLOW these barbaric treatments of children/people how can NORTH AMERICA still accept the use of papoose boards?? Our child had his teeth repaired at an awesome Dentist 4 fillings no crowns at a cost of $860.00. Our child was not in any way a high maintenance out of control child...why would any parent put their perfectly well behaved child through this torture...after reading the horrific comments I fell rest assured we made an informative and confident decision and our Son LOVES THE DENTIST there are no fears because of his dental work.But I am sure if I was tied down,drugged and not allowed to have my Mommy, Daddy in a room I would be SCREAMING TOO don't be naive!!'
is there any chance you could tell me the name of the dentist your son loves? thank you!

ive filed a formal complaint.

ive filed a formal complaint. you can do the same by emailing this address.

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