Rating Feedback for Dr. Nassif (580781)

The rating:
'Consults are $150. Surgery was quoted $12,500. Insuruance covered $7000. Jade is sweet and helpful. Dr. Nassif is ****y, but he is the best at what he does. you pay for what you get and he can be anyway way he wants because of it. I am considering to go to him just for his expertise, not his attitude.'
I would advise against it. Techniques have changed dramatically over the years. I had consults with 3 different surgeons and it seemed to me that Dr. Nassif was selling me on outdated procedures. Also found it odd that he estimated the surgery to take 7 hours while the others estimated 2-3 hours. I have no doubt Dr. Nassif was a great surgeon at one time but I think his techniques are outdated now and you are better off going with a surgeon that is well versed in the latest techniques. A little research and it's amazing what surgeons are capable of doing nowadays.