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'I saw Dr. Apel years ago and am so glad to have a forum in which to warn people about this doctor. I have read the negative comments and found I was treated equally as poorly as most other patients. It looks as though nothing has improved over time. Adjectives befitting her are rude, incompetent, untruthful and unethical, just to name a few. My friend's mother was treated with injections from Dr. Apel and sued her for malpractice due to the damage done. This doctor recommended numerous medicines to which she was told I was allergic, prescribed ineffectual or detrimental treatments later criticised by specialists of mine, outright lied on my report for a lawsuit, misrepresented numerous facts of my medical history, symptoms and the case, and finally contradicted her own diagnoses even within the body of the same report. She was arrogant and neither speaks nor understands English well at all. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL - MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHATEVER TREATMENT SHE IS RECOMMENDING.'
I have been in contact with the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Edmonton and will be submitting my complaint regarding Dr. Apel's appointment with my wife shortly. PLEASE if at all possible, call the College and have them send you the paperwork required to lodge an "Official complaint".They are required to follow up on all complaints against doctors.
For those of you that feel that something must be done about this Doctor, call and complete your paperwork. It is the only way we can band together and do what is right and just. It is our only outlet to have something done about her continuous, repetitive disregard for patients well-being. Although this site can warn people, some have no choice other than to submit themselves to her unethical and sometimes torturous examinations.

I contacted the College of

I contacted the College of Physicians and Surgeons prior to being forced to see this person (I won't call her a Dr) and they will not tell you if any complaints have been lodged against this woman- only if she's been charged with something. They are notorious for doing nothing. I wish there was something else that could be done. She should not be practicing medicine - she's only interested in writing a false report for the insurance company instead of trying to find out what is wrong with someone and how to help them.

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