Rating Feedback for Dr. Tumi (1189055)

The rating:
'I went to see him for severe joint problems in my hands. The office walls were so thin I could here other consultations while sitting in the waiting room. He looked at my hands and I asked why he or his staff had not called me back after telling me he would call me later that day, 6 months ago. I also called 3x and was told curtly by his receptionist that he had not put any followup on my chart.He was so nasty when I questioned him he told me to go back to my rheumatologist and called the women at the RVH physio dept. airheads. I was outraged at his nasty unprofessional behavior. He ranted on for 10 minutes then when he opened the door he acted like he was a super gentleman again. The receptionist obviously had heard him yelling at me and wouldn't make eye contact. I certainly see a difference in how his private clients who pay high fees get treated with respect versus the ones who are covered by OHIP. This man is an arrogant little man and does not deserve your business.'
Strongly disagree