Rating Feedback for Dr. Landsman (1171513)

The rating:
'Dr.Landsman presented himself professionally and with a concerned manner. My eye and face lift was the worst night mare of my life.I had to return to his office that evening as one of the stitches was scratching my eye as it has come loose.After the surgury my eye would not fully close. I had to go to an eye surgeon for corrective repair.He caused nerve damage to one side of my uper lip , so now when I speak the one side of my upper lip droops down and does not move in sync with the other side.He explained that nothing can be done about that.My neck had a reddish black strip which later became infected.It had to be aspirated a few times. I still have a prominent scar. I consulted an attorney who explained that a poor result does not constitute mal-practice.Be wary of this man,anyone who advertises is truly not a professional.The good ones do not need to advertise.Sadly, I learned the hard way.'
this rating is fictitious and represents the whim of somebody who wishes to do harm to dr landsman's reputation. The person who wrote this review should identify themself as they are committing slander and libel and will be subject to a civil law suit and punitive damages. This rating must be removed or face such consequences.