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'amazing staff!remembering me each time i called made me feel like they cared instead of being just another patient.they always made me laugh and put my mind at ease.reading negative posts made me think twice but went with my gut and positive reviews.mailing payments to cali made me skeptical but the warmth i received reassured me.took 8 months to get pregnant!i didnt blame anyone, just kept faith.my consultants barbara,angie,and melinda were warm and friendly from the start,nurse lynn comforting,the anestiolgist halarious!dr.chun and medical staff amazing!iwould not suggest anywhere else!its small and personal and truely was way better than i imagined.THANK YOU ALL FOR BLESSING MY FAMILY with a new addition.it hurts me to read the negative posts when i know they are completely false.bitter women who havent conceived in need of someone to blame.look in the mirror.im sure they end up preg.down the line and dont retract their statements.blessed with a baby and an experience of a life time'
It was nice to read that someone felt the same way after reading all the posts. Most of the negative reviews are based on disapointment, not anything that can be directly blamed on the doctor. And I think maybe some of these women didn't do enough research on the effects of having a TL, one of which is, unfortunately, scar tissue, and they cannot always remove it all during a reversal. The positive reviews are full of facts and details of the experience, and fairness to the clinic even if there is no pregnancy to date. It makes me feel more confident in my decision to go to Dr.Chun, and I will schedule my appointment with knowledge, hope, and faith.