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'Got breast augmentation. After surgery breast never dropped & left was way higher than right. When Id go in for check ups he would just say "Wow! GREAT! Come back in a month". I didnt know if it was normal. Finally at 5 months I asked why did they look like that, he said very calmly "Oh its just capsular contraction its not life threatening dont worry about it" Like if it was normal. If I would of never asked him why they were deformed I think he would of never told me & would of just kept saying "Wow! GREAT!" at every check up. So at 6months I had him redo them. They stayed exactly the same but with worse scars. He was always 1-2 hours late & was very short & uninformative with his answers. Now Im going to get them redone AGAIN but by another doctor. I was told that its not capsular contraction, he put in the wrong shape & size implant for my body type & placed or positioned them not symmetrical. Im now very depressed which has led me to gain 30 Lbs. 145 last yr now im at 175!'
omg! i am sorry to hear that. i am confused. some say he is good some say is the worse. i met him a couple of days ago and he seems nice. i have decided to make a surgery date with him next month. hopefully he takes his time with me. i'm going with him because i feel that he is well qualified and he had a special for the summer. i guess it all depends on his day whether he is in a good mood or bad.