Rating Feedback for Dr. Hilinski (1162068)

The rating:
'He's very kind and has lovely manners when you meet him. His staff are lovely. My nose surgery experience with him has NOT been good though. I ended up worse off after his surgery. My nose doesn't look good at all and I have breathing problems. All this has cost me a lot of money. He's had to go back and fix things. Keep in mind, you still have to pay for the operating theatre costs room/medication/post-op nurse/lost income with every touch up!!! I'm in debt now thanks to this. Plus you are on your own if his result isn't that good - no matter how nice YOU are to HIM - just like other people have mentioned on this review board. He's quite unprofessional if the result isn't great. Overall, he's a nice guy but my surgical experience with him has been really poor and very disappointing. My result is nothing like his promised predicted outcome.'
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