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The rating:
'WORST DENTIST EXPERIENCE EVER!! The staff was so unprofessional and the place was DIRTY! I checked out the tools while I was waiting for an hour in my exam "room" and they looked gross. There was red gooey stuff coming out of the hose at the bottom of the spit sink...I almost threw up it was so gross. The dental assistant was TERRIBLE and as soon as she came in, she asked a couple questions which I politely answered. Then she left the "room" and said "ahhhh i cant do this anymore!" in plain sight and right where other patients including myself could hear. I also call it an exam "room" because it is a closet and they dont even close the door...NO patient confidentiality?!! Another dental assistant was wearing flip flops...gross! Basically the staff was rude and unprofessional, the place was horrendously dirty and all they did was xrays on my initial consolation. i wanted my teeth cleaned...thats why i went in. PLEASE AVOID THIS OFFICE!!!!'
This person obviously doesn't have the correct Dr. Goorah. Dr. Goorah's office is very professional, the customer service is extremely helpful and the assistants are knowledgeable and compassionate towards the patients. There isn't one thing in Dr. Goorah's office that's dirty or messy (everything is sterile, even the waiting room!!) The technology in Dr. Goorah's office is outstanding and the amount of time Dr. Goorah is willing to spend with a patient in each and every appointment is unheard of!! It's sad to see people like this person who obviously had issues doing their job properly to bash such a wonderful, clean, professional and friendly practice like Dr. Goorah's practice. All I can think of is that maybe you have the wrong Dr. Goorah...Shame on you!