Rating Feedback for Dr. Goorah (1114875)

The rating:
'This place is awful. I would never set foot in this place EVER again. I have never been to a dentist's office that was so unprofessional, rude, and absolutely filthy! I made an appointment (for what I thought was a cleaning) and it turned out to be just to get xrays. I pitched a fit and the dentist came in and told me they could clean my teeth, only because they weren't that bad. The hygenist did a terrible job cleaning my teeth -- she had terrible bedside manner and at the end of it, my teeth still need to be cleaned AGAIN. This was the absolute worst place I've ever been. The dentist herself may be ok (who would know because you only deal with her pathetic staff) but she is either one of two things: she either does not care about her practice and the impression new patients are getting or she is so stupid she doesn't realize what's going on in her own practice. I would fire every person in there if I were her because they are all unprofessional and have no clue what they're doing. Stay away!'
I'd like to reiterate myself...This person obviously doesn't have the correct Dr. Goorah. Dr. Goorah's office is very professional, the customer service is extremely helpful and the assistants are knowledgeable and compassionate towards the patients. The technology in Dr. Goorah's office is outstanding and the amount of time Dr. Goorah and her staff are willing to spend with a patient in each and every appointment is unheard of (I've had many appointments where Dr. Goorah and her staff spend multiple hours trying to get as much done in one appointment as possible (Less time I have to take off from work and my familyâ??s income)!! It's sad to see people like this person bash such a wonderful, clean, professional and friendly practice like Dr. Goorah's practice. All I can think of is that maybe you have the wrong Dr. Goorah...Shame on you!