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'I am on my 6th surgery to correct botched breast surgery from this Dr. I went in at 7AM for implants and left after 9PM. He sent me home in scrubs and I was not awake. When I went in the next day, his nurse was there, not the Dr. I had a 1 inches open gap on one breast. My breast were flat. He had taken out my mammory crease. I was cut from one back shoulder blade, around the front of my chest, to the other back shoulder blade. I believe I had to be revived simply because of the length of time I was under and the way I was released. This was not done at the Hospital. I feel I should have been sent to the Hospital. I only wanted implants. No lipo was done or anything else. Whenever I would go in and complain, he would tell me I was still swollen. I stopped going to him and tried to sue him but just was too depressed to go through that. He ruined my life. This Dr. should be stopped.'
This sounds a little fishy, why would you even go to him if he 'messed up 6 times'? I have never heard of that dr doing any bad work, he has done many of my friends as well as myself and has done AMAZING

WOW..I am quite astonished

WOW..I am quite astonished by these comments on Dr. Pousti's work. I have never had one problem and I have had 4 surgeries from him and I can't believe the bedside manners that are explained here in your posting. He is by far the best doctor around. I just can't believe it.

I find the entire post very

I find the entire post very hard to believe. The surgery center closes around 4pm. She went home in scrubs? I had Breast Augmentation and I didn't wear scrubs, I had something wrapped around my legs. He is highly qualified to perform surgery, and can't imagine him ever treating ANY of his patients this way. I can't understand why if she claims that he messed up 5x and she was on her 6th surgery she choose him to correct it? In my personal exprience with Dr. Pousti if there has ever been a question when it comes to my health or wellbeing he has always been quick to respond and helpful. He has a system were if you call after business hours he is paged and HE calls you back, if not his MA are always helpful and resourceful.

I too find this extremely

I too find this extremely hard to believe. I am very sorry if you had a bad experience, but I find this all very out of his character and practicing style.

Are you sure you saw Dr.

Are you sure you saw Dr. Pousti??? This sounds like you went across the border. Dr. Pousti and his staff would never operate like this. This sounds like paid bashing. I had the best experience with Dr. Pousti and I researched for 6 months. He was the only Dr. that had me talk to other patients privately to see if the tummy tuck and breast aug. was right for me and their personal experiences with him. Excellent reviews from all and you actually got to see his work on a person not just a picture. I would only go to this Dr.

I don't believe this

I don't believe this either....sent home in scrubs? And who would be dumb enough to go back to the same surgeon SIX times if they were SERIOUSLY that unhappy! Dr. Pousti is the best...and like the previous poster, I have NEVER heard of anyone who has been unhappy with his work....my general practitioner at Sharp even highly recommended him.

Seriously!? Stop. Dr.

Stare Seriously!? Stop. Dr. Pousti is a bomb and kick ass doctor. Why anyone would want to sour his ratings with bullsh** like this is beyond me. He would never treat anyone, patient or otherwise, in such a manner. And it just saddens me that anyone would treat him like this. Grow up and stop trying to keep every potential patient from going to, in my opinion, the best doctor the city has to offer.

Nice try. No way do I believe

Nice try. No way do I believe a word of this.

I, like everyone else who has

I, like everyone else who has responded, find this posting very questionable. I never had scrubs, I was asked to strip down to my panties and put on the gown supplied. I then had a heater attached to the gown which pumped warm air in.....wonderful. My husband was informed of how everything went afterwards, by Dr. Pousti himself. He is a wonderful surgeon and his staff are great. This post, in my opinion, is bogus. I will never believe he would treat anyone this way, he cares too much about your satisfaction, not to mention his well earned reputation as a double board certified plastic surgeon.

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