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'I had liposuction...Breast Augmentation... Tummy Tuck and I am soooooooooooooo unhappy... I have called ..emailed .... I sent pictures of my problems and he has dismissed my concerns as needing more time to heal... It's been more than enough time ... I have been seen by other doctors..They also claim to be able to correct the problems but how do I trust at this point....Hochstein gets offended and seem to brush of obivious problems with the end results. DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP WITH THE HYPE OF THE PHOTOS ON HIS WALL...I know there is nothing else to go by other than pictures but everything seemed good until months after the surgery and I realized it was getting worst. It is so tiresome, embarrasing and sad.'
I'm scheduled to undergo surgery with this docotor April 6, 2010. I am nervous and having read your post, I'm rethinking my decision. Can you be more specific about your experience: your results and what needed revisions?



I have surgery scheduled for

I have surgery scheduled for BA. Why are you unhappy? Please elaborate. We all would like to know. Thanks!

Hello. Im following these

Hello. Im following these ratings as I am considering surgery with this physician. How did you make out??

Hello--I'm so sorry to hear

Hello--I'm so sorry to hear you had to go through this and I can empathize b/c I'm in a similar boat. My nose and chin results are not good. There are problems with each and both require revision according to the second and third opinions I've gotten. Both said the chin implant is way too large for my face and basically just hanging off my chin. It has"mobility" meaning, of course, that it actually moves around which is no good. And, it's uncomfortable and sometimes actually hurts. The nose is pretty jacked up, too. And, like you, I've sent multiple emails and pics and have been brushed off like a gnat. It's extremely upsetting. Please let me know if you manage to get anywhere. His website states he will correct any bad outcomes for only the cost of anesthesia----but...great lot of damn good that does if he refuses to acknowledge any post-surgical problems. Nevermind how blatantly obvious they are. Good luck to you and let me know how it goes for you.
take care,

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