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'I went in for rhinoplasty but was also sold on lip fat trasfer, a neck lift and cheek fat transfer. I was told that I could go back to work in two weeks looking "refreshed" My face and lips were freakishly swollen for four months. I work in a large open office setting and I was the laughing stock. My friends felt weird around me. My neck also had banding and blood pools that lasted two months. I patiently waited for results. After 17 months I went back to have the horrible split, stretched, 1 inch scar under my chin fixed. I told Dr. Drehsen that if I had known I would end up with this bumpy, red, striated, very noticable scar, I would not have done it. I am a very quiet shy person and it was hard for me to ask to fix it. He was so "insulted" that he threw my file across the table and said "I cannot work like this" and left the room. I was told by the staff that he considers himself an "artist". I left in a flood of tears and cried for two days. Now with another Dr. for the scar.'
Who did you go to for revision? Did it help?

Your story is consistent with

Your story is consistent with the majority. Most reviews here are written by those they pay with gift cards to their medi-spa to write good reviews.

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as our research writer gathers information to expose this doc. Your anonymity is guaranteed. Rest assured, he will be run out of the Bay area, much the same way he was run out of WPB.

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