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'I saw Drehsen at a seminar he put on, and he seemed arrogant but knowledgeable. I got an appt and he seemed disinterested in me, showed me photos of Barbie doll type woman he did and took a photo of me to put on computer imaging. My eyes were shut and I was almost off the photo but he used it anyway and "drew" my new face. It didn't look very real. The staff seemed ok and I set up an appt for a facelift and eyelift. I insisted on talking to the anesthesiologist (?) beforehand since I had problems with surgery in the past. The guy didn't call me until the day before and then told me I needed to be off some of my meds for six days before surgery. I cancelled the surgery just in time and was furious no one told me this. What if I showed up the next morning and no one noticed this? I put off the date and asked my internal med doctor about a plastic surgeon and I said I had seen Dreshen and he said, "Don't let that man touch you"! No wonder this doctor needs to do free seminars.'
I had a consult with Dr. D and also felt comfortable with his knowledge. After consult, the staff also insisted I put down deposite. Not givingme much time to return home and sleep on things. Since I had a very bad upper/lower eye lid surgery 8 yrs earlier, I am more hestitant today.
Once home I did a search on Dr. D and came to this sight,along with others.
I paniced once reading the several poor reviews and ratins, called immediately, cancelling the procedure of mid face lift and fat injections. I realize some people have higher expectations on surgeries and things can go wrong with all surgeries. However, with my past history, I cannot allow my face to be deformed more than it is today.My mental state can't go through that again. Any poor ratings are taken seriously.
Did you get your refund back?
My call was done before any per-op, and cancelled 12 days after original consultation. I was told I would recieve full refund, and wondering if you got any money back.
In defence of Dr. D. any questions I had,his assistant answered and if she could not, would schedule a phone consult before surgery. Also recieved a packet that contained all information regarding my procedure, medications not to take and other precaustions before surgery.

Your stories are consistent

Your stories are consistent with much of what is out there. The "good" reviews on this site are mainly the minority and those they offer free gift cards to their medi-spa in exchange for a good review.

Please share your story with us at

as our research writer gathers information to expose this doc. Your anonymity is guaranteed. Rest assured, he will be run out of the Bay area, much the same way he was run out of WPB.

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