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'Dr. Le did an AMAZING (amazing!) revision of my horribly botched nose that had been mangled by three previous surgeons who had each left me worse off than before. The previous troika of supposed experts included a so-called top revisionist who has authored a textbook on rhinoplasty. Thanks to Dr. Leâ??s painstaking and meticulous work--he toiled for nine hours to get this right--I have a beautiful result, beyond my expectations. You can send me a private message through this site if you would like to see photos of my outcome.'
hi! Dr Mark Constantian was my last surgeon and it was a horrible decision for me. He really made me worse. From your description, it sounds like you were a patient of his too. Was that the case? I e-mailed Dr. Le about my case, and I liked his thorough reply. I'm a little afraid of the fact that he's so young but Dr. C.s age sure didn't help him any! Please give me a little more info. about Dr. Le and your case. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Hi, I have had 2 surgeries

Hi, I have had 2 surgeries and should have researched more ahead of time. I want to be more thorough this time and hopefully have my last. If I were to give you my e-mail would you mind to send pics, and let me know what was wrong? I'm very skeptical and want to try to be more careful this time. I'm not great with using a computer, but I will check in comment section for a reply. Thanks, p.s. Congradulations on your results!

Hi, I'm happy you finally got

Hi, I'm happy you finally got the nose you wanted, I wish I could say the same for myself! Could you please tell me who operated on you previously and share your before and after photos? Thanks.

did you find a revision

did you find a revision doctoR? I am looking for a revision doctor, and I was looking at Dr. Le. thanks

Hi, I am considering Dr Le


I am considering Dr Le for revision. Would you please share your pictures? I am very scared of another bad outcome and any help will be appreciated. My email address is

. Thanks

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