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'If anyone is reading this and looking to find or change doctors I really have to say that choosing Dr Sinha would be a really good decision. I have seen many doctors in Calgary for various reasons and on every level Dr Sinha by far exceeds any other treatment I have received. He listens to everything you have to say. He is open to hearing your own opinions. He offers advice and talks to you like you matter. Most importantly he never comes across as being in a rush to get you out of there so he can move on to the next patient. He is a genuinely nice person and you can tell he loves his job.'
Do you know where Dr. Sihna is practicing now?

I also would like to find

I also would like to find out where Dr. Sinha is practicing as he was a doctor of mine in the past.

Did you by any chance find

Did you by any chance find out where Dr. Sinha is now? I'd love to locate him as well. Thanks.

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