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'Dr. Tsui is terrible - he told my husband who is following adjunctive therapies recommended by both the American Brain Tumor Association and his oncologist that he should stop 'wasting tax-payers money' by getting blood tests for his follow-up and start 'accepting his prognosis' ... the last I checked, he was a family physician and not an oncologist or expert in brain cancer treatment. He did this twice! as if once wasn't enough, and caused my husband a lot of undue frustration. he's also turned me away twice for physical exams and as a result, i haven't had one in 3 years. suffice it to say, we're looking for a new doctor.'
I am so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with Dr. Tsui. Having been a patient of his for several years I cannot imagine him saying 'wasting tax-payers money' -- that just doesn't sound like him. I have, and continue, to find him accessible, helpful, professional, and very thorough. Good luck finding a new doctor.

Hard to believe Dr. Tsui

Hard to believe Dr. Tsui would say "wasting tax-payers money." Are you sure you have the right doctor? He is not my doctor but I have seen him many times during walk-in clinic times, and when Dr. Ng is away. He has a very warm personality, and thus I have recommended him as a doctor to others who are looking. Can't say enough good things about this doctor.

This poor comment for Dr.

This poor comment for Dr. Tsui is way out of line. Either Borges is mistaken in Dr. Tsui's identity or there is some other mistake or intent. Otherwise I suggest that Borges would and should have addressed the much earlier suggestion that they are mistaken. If Borges does not address this suggestion I suggest that ratemd should take this comment down and remove Borges from the commenters.

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