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'Please run as fast as you can!!! Toriumi's revision was the WORST experience I have ever had. I regret the day I walked into his office. I went in for simple procedure - he did much more than I consented to, high radix, grafting, wide, flat, swollen, bulbous nose. Big, swollen nose on a female does not look right. He made me look like someone punched me in the face. I didn't recognize myself in the mirror, couldn't take a pic, etc. Just like others, Toriumi did the same to me. He does what he wants, not the patient. Then he acts like you are the prob. not his fault. BEWARE - he is an ENT, not a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons are artists. He puts big fat noses - the same nose - on everyone. For 6 yrs, I suffered horribly until I had a revision. I can never get those yrs back. Most of my "Toriumi nose" is gone and I feel normal again. I'm so glad I got it fixed. Find a real plastic surgeon!'

Could you please tell me what doctor you used? I'm in the same situation as you were. Going to Dr. Toriumi was the biggest mistake in my life, also. I'm sorry you had to go through so many years of torment, but am so happy that you were able to find a good doctor who could help.

Thank you!

Wow, hard to believe we saw

Wow, hard to believe we saw the same man. I flew out for several consultations as well as with several other doctors. The revision work I needed was from a "top" plastic surgeon, and Toriumi did nothing short of amazing work. I know many of them and they are NOT all artists and most do not specialize in the nose. Good you were able to resolve your issues, in any case.

I also believe Toriumi is

I also believe Toriumi is indeed an 'artist', but just not the kind you might be thinking, lol...

And 'top' surgeon?... ah, does that mean he gets on top? I don't understand.

I never had any indication that he was a top surgeon from any of the consults (I had 3 consults with him over 2 years)...
The only thing that tricked me into thinking he was a 'top' surgeon, was the hype from advocates (paid or otherwise) on rhino forums....

Check out this link (google it if you can't copy link):
"think Alchemy LLC., Develops Integrated Online Methods to Mitigate Defamatory and Libelous Content on RippOff Report, Topix.com and Scam.com and Pissedconsumer.com" :


What are the 'integrated methods'? Could it perhaps be possible that it involves phony counterposts, or stealth 'advocates' roaming the internet forums?

Surgery is nothing more than a controlled injury.
More aggressive/radical surgery is usually tantamount to more injury...

Primary patients with intact noses and mild to moderate cosmetic issues do not 'need' open surgery with rib grafts... THAT is seemingly an aggressive and injurious approach.

In response to teepee... My

In response to teepee... My statement was that my original damage was done by a "top plastic surgeon in los angeles". I was stating in reply to the statement that "Plastic Surgeons are artists" by the woman who felt this was the only way to go rather than a doctor who specializes in noses. The LA surgeon I saw had a HUGE reputation and it did not go well for me. Dr. Toriumi somehow managed to restore my appearance and I am very grateful for that. I got myself into quite a mess with prior surgery and he managed to get me as close to restored as I believe anyone could have done. I am not a phony advocate. I am just a person who went to a Plastic Surgeon for a minor bump in LA and ended up feeling like dying... whatever snide remarks you feel the need to make, or mock me, I am very grateful that somehow I was given Dr. Toriumi's name and he helped me beyond what I believed possible. I am truly sorry this was not your experience, but it was mine. He made me feel pretty again and it was a true blessing for me that I am grateful for every day of my life. I know nothing of internet advocates as I got his name from a few Plastic surgeons who felt they did not have the skill set to help me.

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