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'I have been a patient of Dr. McLaughlin for about 2 years. I love Dr. M, as she is affectionately called. I suffer with anxiety attacks. I had a severe anxiety attack in her office on my first visit. I held on to the chair so tightly that I actually broke it. She was so-o-o patient with me (and didn't charge me for breaking the chair!) The next visit I took medication before I came. On the following visits, I didn't need medication, and did't have any problems with my anxiety, because she has such a patient and calming personality that I am now very comfortable. She is also very knowledgeable. I needed a lot of dental work because of an inherited dental disease. I visited several doctors before going to her and was most pleased with her my plan for addressing my condition. I moved from the Silver Spring area where her office is. I now live in Baltimore and wouldn't think of changing my dentist. Yes, I drive the hour and fifteen minutes for my dental appointments.'
Hello, I am pregnant and need some dental help. After reading all this good reviews about Dr.McLaughlin I called her office to make an appointment. I have a good insurance, but was answered that the doctor is busy for the next several weeks and they don't accept a new patients unless they have been referred by other patients. There is available time on this Friday, but they will not accept me if I didn't call and give the name of the person who refereed me. So I am here to ask for a help from you guys. If somebody who is a patient of Dr.McLaughlin and can highly recommends her I will be very happy. Thank you! Please, send me an email at: