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'I had two surgeries done by him and they both turned out very bad. He didn't offer to fix me for free until he messed up the second time. I asked for some of my money back and he refused. I had to go to another Dr to have my breasts fixed because he made me bottom out.'
I had a consultation with Dr. Pousti today. Would you be able to tell me more about your experience. Any information is helpful.
Thank you!

When did you have surgery

When did you have surgery with Dr. Pousti? I had surgery last year, I think he is awesome, he gave my desired look, well.. Maybe even better. I highly recommend the Pousti team!

I have had 4 surgeries from

I have had 4 surgeries from Dr. Pousti and all for different reasons..well one to correct an issue but nothing that dr did and he was great about going in and doing it. He has never once refused to care for me or give me any type of refusal. If anyone here is saying that I think they are talking about a different doctor. He is great and his staff are wonderful people as well. I have had several friends go and get work done from him and they are very happy. THank you Dr. Pousti!

I had breast augmentation and

I had breast augmentation and my results were awesome. I have seen nothing but great results from this Dr. I saw existing patients,so I am surprised by this posting , are you sure you are on the right Dr.s page?

I have had two surgeries with

I have had two surgeries with Dr Pousti. I had an augmentation then went back in to lower the right pocket and go bigger. He didn't charge me any surgeon fees the second time. He is great and very talented!

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