Rating Feedback for Dr. Fitzsimmons (749664)

The rating:
'Dr. Fitzsimmons has a friendly bedside manner. He is cheerful and optimistic. However, he lacked the ability to read my wife's anxiety and to address it properly. My wife is extremely anxious about medical issues. The doctor was told that directly by my wife.yet he is so out of touch with patient psychology that he brought along a rooky to the surgery by surprise. And tells my wife that this rooky will be doing the surgery. That is careless and lacks understanding of human nature, empathy. I think of him as a fair weather doctor. as long as you're a problem free patient, you think he's great b/c he's upbeat and cheery. But if there is more to it, you may want to screen in someone more professional/knowledgable and not look for how cheery a doctor is. By the way, the rooky doctor made a mistake that freaked out the whole OR for 30 seconds, but brian stepped in ASAP and fixed it. . . can you imagine how that came across to my anxiety ridden wife? . . . now you understand the poor rating.'
I have been a patient of Drs. Fitzsimmons and Seke for years and I cannot believe this comment. They are both gentle, caring doctors..... They both advertise that they work in a university hospital and have medical students and interns - which is awesome. I cannot believe they take the time to teach - and frankly - if they teach their students to be as good as they are - we couldn't be luckier in Vancouver.