Rating Feedback for Dr. Rand (497793)

The rating:
'Dr, Richard Rand made an error in his procedure when injecting restylane under my right eye -- My eye puffed up and swelled -- He said "sometimes this happens but the swelling would disappear". It has been over a year and my right eye still has swelling. Dr. Rand refuses to see me or admit that he is responsible for the way I look. He suggest that I seek another Doctor. Even though he was paid more than the usual fee. He does not like anyone to complain. I believe, Dr.Rand is a good physican, but made an error when performing my procedure. What disapoints me is his not being able to take responsibility for his mistakes.'
Since this posting is what comes up under Google even with numerous reviews since this time, I feel it needs a little clarification. I placed extra Restylane in this patient's hollow lower lids when I felt it was necessary for the best result. This was not a mistake and the patient was refunded for the cost. I always honor these issues with my patients. Also, this patient eventually came back to me requesting a tummy tuck so that should indicate more trust that this post would suggest.