Rating Feedback for Dr. Moufarrege (995191)

The rating:
'I had a rhinoplasty performed by Moufarrege and it ruined my nose... I can't breath correctly after 4 years and am not happy with the result. He removed way too much cartilage and now I have to find a skilled surgeon to perform a revision to add cartilage back to the nasal tip and reinforce the sides of my nostrils which have collapsed.'
The only patient I know seeking for a cartilage graft is a cocaine addict. Cocaine is know to create a perforation in septal cartilege and a deformity in the nose cartilages, If you are that person, please be honest and do not put the fault on somebody else.
If you are not that person, I can tell you that I will perform your cartilage graft with pleasure and without any charge.
Dr Richard Moufarrège