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'I had a rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Nassif in 2007 after meeting with a lot of other Doctors. I was looking to improve my profile but was generally happy with how I looked from the front view. After the surgery, my profile is vastly improved but my nose is MUCH wider than I wanted and I am no longer happy with how I look. My thin nose is now quite wide. I regret doing the surgery. Dr. Nassif is extremely capable and patient. I can't say anything negative about him. But, do make sure you are on the same page. I really thought we were but it's obvious to me that what he thinks looks good and what I perceive as looking good are two different things. Dr. Nassif is definitely conservative in his approach to surgery and he's a perfectionist. No one close to me thinks my nose looks good and I'm thinking of having a revision rhinoplasty. I think that Dr. Nassif and I have different ideas of what an attractive nose looks like. He thinks the outcome was a success and I, unfortunately, dont.'
dear friend,,really do agree with you. Not everyone likes his style. Pls let me know if you managed to improve the wide nose? Did you go to anyone else for a revision? yr reply would be very much appreciated pls-:(Sad:(...thank you