Rating Feedback for Dr. Galpin (902951)

The rating:
'this is an AWFUL crook doctor! do NOT GO TO DR.GALPIN unless you want to be scammed out of hundreds of dollars. first of all like the reviewer noted below, he falls asleep during examination. Im not sure if this is related to his health ailment, but maybe this is not the right profession if that is the case? Not only is it unprofessional how can you fully assess your patient and his/her condition if you are constantly falling asleep? Second, he performs unnecessary lab tests EACH AND EVERYTIME u see him! even if you are perfectly fine (as the other reviewer noted as well) why does he do the SAME tests for everyone? its ridiculous. i thought it was just me but it appears this is common practice for him. He also owns the lab which does the tests (labcorp) which means more money in his pocket. He is a dishonest money hungry doctor who is looking to scam patients. DO NOT GO TO GALPIN! he does not stay awake during consults & he uses lab tests to scam u!'