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'I got the nicest boobs in town! Wish I would have done it sooner. As a nurse myself, I have worked with LOTS of Doctors. For all you complainers, this guy is professional, polite, well knowledged and it shows with the results!For all of you who expected hand holding and smiles-give me break, this is a private business. I recommend him 100%. :)'
I just had the same breast augmentation Dr Turner also did surgery on my wrist several years ago.
I have a question for you how long does it take for the hardness in the breast to go away. I have next to no brusing and I am thrilled with the results, it is less than a week since I had the procedure done. I also would recommend Dr Turner 100% he is a brilliant doctor and know's what he is talking about.Smiling

Dr Turner is the best, knows

Dr Turner is the best, knows what he is doing and will advice you on what he thinks best.
Dr Turner is polite, caring and straight forward he also does have a sense of humor which eased things for me.
Brilliant Doctor would recommend him 100%

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