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'My family have been patients of Dr. Gutman since he opened his practice at the Renforth Medical Clinic. He is the only Dr. my daughter knows. She is 7 now and during her first 6 months on this earth we visited Dr. Gutman daily. He helped us through her colic days when, at times, I thought I was going to lose my mind. He has helped us through our son's troubles when he was in high school and going through some tough times. He even counciled my husband and I when we thought there was no way out but divorce. (We have been married for 24 years). My son has a family of his own now ( a boy and a girl) and he travels from Burlington to get medical treatment. We have been lost since Dr. Gutman closed the clinic. We have seen many Dr.'s as of late (have had no choice) and no one compares to Dr. Gutman. In fact, I have come to not trust the diagnosis from these walk in clinic Dr.'s. I hope and pray that Dr. Gutman will be back soon. In my opinion these accusations are false and malicious.'
I am a former patient of Dr. Gutman and can tell you from experience he overprescribes narcotics. He gave them to me as a treatment for depression - I don't think so. He used to give me post-dated prescriptions without a blink !! Trust me - this is not being a good Doctor !!