Rating Feedback for Dr. House (Just for fun!) (947751)

The rating:
'Here's the problem. I have an autoimmune disease, it seems. Well, House ran the usual gamut, beginning with something mundane, never desiring to hunt for zebra. So he diagnosed me with smoker's cough. He's brilliant! But I haven't smoked in 30 years, so onto something else. He had my house searched and came up with an obscure mold. This was promising. However, after treating me for aspergillosis, I was still coughing. He is known for proposing, and then immediately dropping, a diagnosis of sarcoidosis for all patients suspected of having autoimmune disease but confusing the brilliant doctors by lying. The problem is, I did turn out to have sarcoidosis, but it wasn't house who diagnosed me. So I'm suing House and giving the money to the lovely Brit who not only listened to me but went above and beyond. Besides which, when he finally admitted that the Brit was right, he said I'd be in remission in 19 months, but I've had this danged disease for nearly 20 years!'
Oh man, there's 9/10ths of your problem! You have VA Medical. You can rest assured though, that in the very near future, YOU will have better medical care than most other Americans. But, that is relative now, isn't it.