Rating Feedback for Dr. Khajavi (1000917)

The rating:
'I feel this doctor is not up to date on important medical issues. For example, according to Dr. Khajavi: "Marijuana is as addictive as harder drugs like heroin and cocaine" and "Exercise is actually detrimental to losing weight." I visited to be tested for ADD, which was a topic he did not touch upon even once. During my first visit he asked me how frequently I **** and what, in detail, I fantasize about when I ****. Obviously I was uncomfortable and did not return. For this, he charged me $40. I would not recommend him to anyone who wants real help, as I don't think he has any to offer.'
I read your post. I made the other complaint. Please contact me at

. I would like to discuss reporting this to the Board of Medicine (800) 377-0550/