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'Dr. Toriumi changed my life. He corrected a 30 year old botched "nose job" and gave me a great looking nose. I wish that I would have gone to him years ago, he worked magic on me. I had no post surgery problems and would recommend Dr. Toriumi to anyone who needs some repair work done.'
Plz can u contact me to

or PM me.
Plz do let me know if ur still around as am considering T for my revision.

Jst wondering if ur still

Jst wondering if ur still around?

zain000 wrote: Jst wondering

zain000 wrote:

Jst wondering if ur still around?

Might I suggest emailing "zain000"?

If you still come here can

If you still come here can you PM me? I would like to hear more about your experience. I'm considering Toriumi. I've heard great things until I started searching the internet and then this site. Now I'm confused. I tried emailing you but it came back to me.

I saw your post... I waited

I saw your post... I waited 23 years after plastic surgeon did poor job and so grateful I found Toriumi. I consulted with various big names and ultimately went with what I am sure was the right choice. I have thin skin and any work shows, so it was a big challenge and after the surgery was able to model for a cosmetic company! I am not sure about some of the comments... but if you want to look natural and not like a "nose job" bob, he is great. He listened and went over what I wanted so carefully. Love this guy!

Hi! I read about your good

Hi! I read about your good outcome with Dr. Toriumi, I'm going to have a revision with him after a bad bad rhino after a car crash. I can't mistake with the second doctor, I read that now you're happy, so could you send to me some pics? It was hard the post surgery? Any pain, any problems? And the swelling? Have you got the nose you accorded whit him during consultation?
Thank you so much for your kindly answer!

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