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The rating:
'I had my surgery a year and a half ago. Guess what I am pregnant!! I guess it just takes time. I wanted to post because there are a lot of negative things about Dr. Chun and I didnt have that experience at all! The staff was great too. I am having a baby. Can you believe it???'
I am so excited to have this surgery. San Dimas Medical Institute is affordable for me, although I am travelling to a different state. I was shocked to see some of Dr. Chun's ratings. Some of the comments were about the terrible scarring, bad bedside manners, and the feeling they just wanted their money. Your rating was wonderful. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I have clamps on my tubes and need them removed. I know he will probably need to remove scar tissue so they are not blocked. Plus I am over 40, so this is scarry to me. By fiancee is a lot younger and we would like a baby together. I know there are no guarantees, but I am an active healthy woman and before my tubal I was fertal myrtle! How did you feel about the surgery?