Rating Feedback for Dr. Galinzoski (1017405)

The rating:
'Dr. Galinzoski is very nice and has helped me a lot but her office and her has a funny smell and it would be nice if she wore some perfume or something to cover it up. She is a very good psychiatrist though and the drugs I am on have no side effects. Other doctors before Dr. Galinzoski put me on drugs with lots of side effects and I think Dr. Galinzoski knows a lot about the drugs so you don't get side effects. She is very polite and asks good questions that make me think about things in my life.'
Thank you for the feedback. I totally agree that there is a bad smell in my office, usually particularly bad in the morning when the restaurant downstairs fries up bacon and cooks the chickens for the day (yuck, not a good experience at 7 am). I spoke with the custodian who says very little can be done about it, but I will try to camouflage it.
Feel free to re-post if it doesn't get better Smiling