Rating Feedback for Dr. Tumi (694020)

I was reading this and got thinking...would it not be a good thing that it takes time to get in to see a doctor for a "NON-LIFE THREATENING" issue? The way I see it, is that having to wait means he is a very busy doctor and in high demand. I too have done my research and believe he would have been the ONLY plastic surgeon in Barrie (with a population of 125,000) that's pretty damn good! Being re-scheduled several times also means to me that perhaps there was someone in greater need of surgery then me, like someone who lost their fingers or potentially their hand. Everyone always bitches and whines for non-life threatening issues. I too am waiting to hear/do things with a plastic surgeon, but have no problem having to wait. Maybe your circle of selfishness needs to be opened to concern other people as well?