Rating Feedback for Dr. Freeman (1001370)

The rating:
'While the staff and the Doc are very good in many areas the appointment time is not always kept. In once instance I had to wait over an hour to see the Doc past my appointment time. I know if I miss the appointment I am charged a fee. Other times is was 30 minutes past. The doc should understand the the patient has other appointments to keep as well. Maybe the patient should be paid for the Doc not keeping the appoint time. 15 minutes is Ok but an hour plus? I feel that the doc is looking out for my well being. He is one of the few who talks with his patients seeking how best to help them improve their health.'
I appreciate your honesty, we do try to continuously to improve our service. I am usually on time, it is hard to control Monday afternoon and Friday morning schedules due to patientsâ?? demands . As of today we will change our time slots for follow-up visits from 15 to 20 minutes, ( usually most clinics leave 10-15 min) that will give us about 40 minutes total in the day to catch up and be on time.
The main reason I am not on time usually, is because I am trying to address all the patientsâ?? critical problems and not ignoring any health complaints they may have. I may be making phone calls to specialist for the patients.
The price of being detailed and comprehensive is that I loose the punctuality. The good thing is that everyone leaves the office content and feels that they got the proper attention.

Thank you John.