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'I went to Dr. Yoho for lipo. This was a terrible mistake. He tried to get me to do a testimonial about him. Here is my testimonial. He did a bad job. It was incomplete, and he didn't take enough fat out, so it's like I didn't get it done at all. He was in a hurry and he was complaining about how bored he got doing lipo and how it always hurt his back to bend over the patient while he was doing it. So those may have been some of the reasons why he rushed through it and did such an incomplete job. Then he had the audacity to keep telling me there wasn't anymore fat there when obviously there was a lot of fat remaining. He's repeatedly make those bold face lies to me then he'd have his wife come in and also make the same bold face lies. They were nice in a surface way at first, but that's typical of what con people are like when they are trying to set up a con. I have a very low opinion of Yoho and his wife. They're a couple of deceptive con artists and hustlers, in my opinion.'
Well, we sedate our patients and so they do not remember our procedures, so this post was performed by someone who had never had surgery with us. See http://www.dryoho.com/dr-yoho/anesthesia.cfm for my medical journal article about my sedation technique. Also see http://www.dryoho.com/dr-yoho/board-certification.cfm for information about the intense rivalries that would prompt a competitor to post a negative review. Also, see http://www.dryoho.com/dr-yoho/consumer/yoga-testimonial.cfm about my Yoga practice. I have no back pain!

I have a hard time believing

I have a hard time believing this post. How can you be alert to hear about the procedure? You are knocked out for this and after procedure you are all wrapped up making it impossible for you to know the results. Why would any Dr not take out what fat there is to lipo? Your assesment is not medically based, and it's your opinion....and it is pretty much a rant. If you have a problem, take it to the DR....if he says there is no more to safely remove, be glad he doesn't "just do it" to appease you. Now get on the treadmill and don't let this head start go to waste....or did you just get fat again?

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