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The rating:
'Dr Gutman is a GREAT Doctor and a GREAT man! We are so blessed to have a family doctor like Dr Gutman in our neighbourhood. He always answers all my questions (no matter how trivial)some of them are and I always leave his office better for seeing him. I would challenge anyone to find a more caring and understanding person. Dr Gutman is a class act and you don't come across people like him every day!'
I am sure there is someway we can help defend him. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I am not sure how we can help but I really think those of us who he stood behind for so many years,this is the time we need to stand behind him and show so him he is worth fighting for!!!

I sent an email to the

I sent an email to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario ([email protected]) as well.

Thank you, I will do that.

Thank you, I will do that. Maybe we can make a difference. If there is anyone else you know that can help please let me know. Could you let me know if they respond to your email?

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