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'I originally saw a different doctor at another Commonwealth Orthopaedic location, but was referred to Dr. Parker after my MRI showed a labral tear in my hip joint. The Reston office is a bit out of the way for me, but Dr. Parker is the only doctor in the practice that does arthroscopic hip surgery â?? so I made an appointment. I went to see him later that same week and was immediately impressed! He really took his time discussing the surgery with me and made sure that all of my questions were answered. I made the decision to have the surgery, so I have had several more appointments with him since then. I have found each time that he truly seems to care about how I am progressing. He never acts rushed during my appointments, and he really listens to what I have to say. I have no doubt in my mind that he is a genuinely caring person, and I really feel that he chose the right profession! He is by far the best doctor I have ever been to in any type of practice, and I HIGHLY recommend him!'
I'm wondering if you might be willing to share how your recovery has gone so far. I've been referred to to Dr. Parker for hip arthroscopy and I'm very reluctant given his assistant's description of the surgery and recovery times, which is vastly different from that of the three other surgeon's I've seen about the surgery.

To all who are wondering

To all who are wondering about Dr Parker , I recently had hip arthroscopy surgery performed by him and I am extremely happy with my recovery so far. He repaired a torn labrum and shaved bone off my hip. I have been using an ice machine around the clock and I'm using a CPM machine he ordered for me up to 4 hours a day. After the 2nd day after surgery I only take the pain meds before I go to sleep at night. Everyone I talked to said only great things about dr Parker and I now agree with all of them. His nurses also told me that his patients have a faster/ easier recovery. I am really thankful to have him as my doctor.

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