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'I think Toriumi is a great dr who prides himself on perfection. He educates the patient on sodium intake to help prevent swelling. He specializes on corrective surgery to build a nose that will last. I can breathe great and am happy with the look of it'
can you plz PM if you still around as I hve some Q for you to help me to answer it as am also looking forward to meet T for a consult.


Hi! I read about your good

Hi! I read about your good outcome with Dr. Toriumi, I'm going to have a revision with him after a bad bad rhino after a car crash. I can't mistake with the second doctor, I read that now you're happy, so could you send to me some pics? It was hard the post surgery? Any pain, any problems? And the swelling? Have you got the nose you accorded whit him during consultation?
Thank you so much for your kindly answer!

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