what I have to say is totaly off the topic you're all into tonight,.
but i'm in absolute agony !!!PAIN!! im trying everthing i know . any advice pls,help me. I have pudendial nerve pain.

it's f--ing torture, cause nobody can see how much pain I"M in!!
i just want to tear out that f--ing nerve,ive had it !

I"ve had it,with the pain, i cant live like this anymore,no-one can understand what you go through,it's so hard to explain what torture and agony feels like!!
it;s been 10 years. somedays are better than others ,
but this weekend has just been HELL!! i'm trying to babysit my first granddaughter,her mum just went back to work after maternity leave

and i really want to be her ONLY caregiver,
but im having so many problems with the pain,and emotional aspects of it all,after just

travelling to Vancouver ,b.c.(what a huge waste of time. !!AGAIN!!)
were i thought i was going to talk to a specialist, about BOTOX!for pain.

and well much to my surprise,
I was told there is no HOPE for BOTOX for nerve pain!@!!!!:

(for the last few months till i got into see her ,I was so possitive and feeling so great ,thinking ,they finaly had a cure for me!)

Seems like I misunderstood something.Sad

plse,,.... people out there,,,,,, has ANYONE!!

had ANY KIND OF SUCCESS with BOTOX!!! for pudendial nerve PAIN???? pls.email me!pls....

this is my email address..

Thats it for me for a while.till i have some kind of good news to report,i wont be logging in to share all my desparate dispare,i don't want to bring anyone else down,.
but im keeping on looking.thank-you to everyone for all your caring words.
love to ya all...Smiling

From my understanding, Botox

From my understanding, Botox treatment is used for the treatment of pain and discomfort due to muscle spasticity, which is a symptom of pudendal nerve entrapment (among other types of nerve damage). If your pain is not associated with spasticity, botox would not be a suitable treatment.

Where did you go to know what

Where did you go to know what you have right now? I will recommend you to go to fort worth botox and let them check you. They may help you with your agony and heal that pain you feel to do the things you want, love and enjoy your moments without that pain. God bless to you!

I think the best thing you

I think the best thing you can do is to consult your issue to the health expert directly. They are the ones who knows your exact condition and they can suggest you the best remedy and solution. You can also order college papers from poweredessays.com. Their providers are known to be knowledgeable in this field too.

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