Rating Feedback for Dr. Taras (785470)

The rating:
'I am relieved to hear that others are speaking out against Taras; it seems I'm not alone in being victimized by his dishonest practices when it comes to ordering labs. I was very fair with him and complained honestly and openly, even using his secure web as demanded. He never replied back, nor returned phone calls, even though he promised that he does. Others complained here anonymously, but I was open and direct; I filed both written and oral complaints with his office, the lab, the insurance company, etc. To this day, he has not directly addressed my complaints, nor yours. Others who complained here are heroes to me; God bless you for speaking out. I hope you never let this rest unless Taras decides to work with you directly to resolve the disputes. Until he makes things right, you are doing right to complain in every avenue available; you are protecting other women from him. Since he refuses to listen to complaints and address them, these matters are still open and ongoing.'
Sorry to hear that there is significant miscommunication. I don't make any money on those labs and am going with my medical desire to do right be you. Unfortunately the high cost of medicine has no 'face' that you can complain to or about other than your doctor. So when you feel slighted, you blame me. Sad, actually. I am quite good at e-mail response so I am surprised that I NEVER responded to your multiple e-mails. Could it be that I did respond, but you did not like the answer? Anyway, this post is over 1/2 a year old so I hope you did eventually find closure to this issue. I'm not sure who you are as these are anonymous to me, but I wish you good health and good humor and that hopefully you have found an Ob/Gyn who meets all your needs!
Ian Taras, MD, GYN