hip pain bone on bone. Doctor does not want to do surgery at this time, what do you take for this severe pain?

Hi Sterling,welcome to the

Hi Sterling,welcome to the forum. What is the reason the doc didn't want to do the surgery,if you don't mind me asking?? I wish you the very very best,and I'm sorry you're in so much pain. Sad

Sterling, there's a slew of

Sterling, there's a slew of analgesics that can alleviate severe bone pain. One sometimes used by pain management physicians and surgeons is hydromorphone (Dilaudid). It can be quite effective. That's at the very strong end of the spectrum (~6 times as strong as morphine), and it is an opioid analgesic. However, that's just one medication, and no one can really suggest what might be appropriate for you, but your physician.

Wondering if it a common

Wondering if it a common reply by a dr who isn't
that good at this type of surgery - and would rather
you see someone else?I would think see another dr?

I have a friend with similar problem and the dr said
the same thing -- too soon-
He doesn't understand why either-- so he's limping
along until he decides what to do next-
My son has a bad knee but glucosamine seems to help
and he also takes liquid gel calcium/magnesium supplements
He's doing pretty good with that

Hope you get more answers here though..

I have something similar.

I have something similar. Osteopenia in the left hip joint has left me in pain. Not enough loss to do a hip replacement but the pain can just make standing unbearable, forget walking. But I am being treated with Boniva by my GYN. I did not think a once/ month treatment would do anything. The GYN said try it. I have had two doses and at least 30% reduction in pain. That is enough to get me to try walking as exercise again.

You do not explain the cause of your bone on bone pain. If it is from osteopenia, maybe you could talk to your doctor. What kind of pain meds have you taken? OTC stuff like advil and tylenol or meds like Mic was talking about? There are many meds for pain.

If your doctor doesn't want

If your doctor doesn't want to help you then find another one. You should always get as many opinions as possible if you're considering major surgery anyway. You don't say what kind of surgery you're contemplating. Do you need a hip replacement? I had arthroscopic surgery on my hip a couple days ago. I was loaded with bone spurs. However, there was not a lot of arthritis which makes the success rate for this surgery about 95%. If you're a candidate for that kind of surgery then you'll have to find a surgeon that does hip scopes. There's not a lot of them out there. I only found three in my state. If your doctor doesn't do the surgery he's not going to mention it to you.

If you need a hip replacement then there is no magic age for having one. Some doctors are still stuck in that mode where other doctors realize it's a quality of life issue. Again, find another doctor. If you do have a hip replacement at a young age you do need to understand that you may need to repeat the process later on. Find a surgeon that does a lot of replacements. Find one that does only replacements if you can.

_smash_ wrote: If your

_smash_ wrote:

If your doctor doesn't do the surgery he's not going to mention it to you.

Good point smash.

Hope you are mending well. Smiling

Sterling, sorry you're in

Sterling, sorry you're in alot of pain. I would definitely get a 2nd opinion, and as mentioned a doctor that specialises in hips only. Don't know what area you live in, but there are alot of good doctors in Maryland that deal with just hip replacement and problems, maybe a pain management doctor can help you also. I wish you luck!

Perhaps Dr. Chris could help

Perhaps Dr. Chris could help you. I don't know what is best. I don't have hip pain, but I use to have a little bit, every once in a while when I weighed a bit more. If you are overweight, if you are able to lose a bit of weight, it might help.

If you are overweight, and if pain restricts your activity, then you're kind of in a catch-22. Maybe if there was medicine to relieve the pain, you could exercise, but maybe you're not even overweight.

Anyways, I hope that you get the help that you need.

(And Elvis, I hope you get the help that you need too.) Sticking out tongue

I use needles as Dr. Janet G

I use needles as Dr. Janet G Travell, who was a myofascial specialist. She treats all pain as if it is myofascial and thus treatable. Fine a doctor who does acupuncture and get the hip released and that can treat your pain. The damagae is already done but the disability maybe altered. Search "medical acupuncture." Bone on bone is a radiological diagnosis and not a clinical one. Bone is always remodeling so this is not the end stage. Get another opinion from someone who knows myofascial disease.

There's no reason why your

There's no reason why your friend cannot get his surgery.I am asuming hip replacement surgery.My husband had bilateral hip replacement at the age of 45.

Hi, I'm wondering if you

Hi, I'm wondering if you have tried other meds for osteopenia? I'm on Forteo now, but my doctor recently said she wanted me to try Boniva when I stop the Forteo. Used Fosomax for years. As to pain, I've found that for chronic osteo-type pain, 2 Advil help more than narcotics. I've had several breaks in recent years and have been perscribed all kinds of narcotics. Still, I keep the Advil handy and it is usually what I reach for first. From experience, if you can control the pain, put the replacement off as long as possible to prevent future need of another replacement - just my opinion.

Didn't your doctor prescribe

Didn't your doctor prescribe you any painkiller? Bone pain is extremely difficult to bear, I could know since I have two undergone hip replacement surgeries already, but my doctor always made sure that it's bearable.

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